• Borgo Santo Pietro Estate - Honey
  • Borgo Santo Pietro Estate - Honey
  • Borgo Santo Pietro Estate - Honey

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Collected in two different apiaries located throughout the estate, our honey conveys a palpable sense of its floral surrounds. From lavender growing in profusion near the apiary to chestnut, ivy and orchard blossoms found throughout the grounds, our raw artisan honey changes subtly in perfume and flavour depending on the flowering season. Produced by indigenous local bees and free from chemicals and added sugar, it’s collected and cold-extracted by our onsite beekeeper to fully retain its potent natural properties.

Borgo honey is an intrinsic part of our ‘farm to plate’ philosophy, served to guests at our breakfast buffet and restaurants, and harnessed in our range of natural skincare.

  • Type: Millefiori (blossom/nectar).
  • Bee strain: Apis mellifera ligustica (Italian honeybees), indigenous to the Siena area.
  • Extraction: Cold-extracted via centrifuge.
  • Flavour notes: Lavender, chestnut and fruit blossoms (July harvest); hints of ivy (September harvest).
  • Colour and consistency: Golden amber brown with a viscous, grainy texture.