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  • Borgo Santo Pietro Estate - Honey
  • Borgo Santo Pietro Estate - Honey
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Cooking school

Set within our kitchen gardens, The Borgo Cooking School provides much more than just simple cooking lessons. It offers guests the opportunity to create a meal from farm to table. The class starts in our organic farm, where participants collect fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and eggs.

Our cooking lessons consist of hands-on demonstrations led either by our Michelin-starred team or local cooks. You’ll leave Borgo Santo Pietro with a new passion for seasonal, farm-to-table cooking.

A centre for all types of Tuscan cuisine, the Borgo Cooking School offers an extensive list of courses, classes and cooking workshops for foodies of all levels. It provides the perfect backdrop for anyone looking to explore their love of Tuscan food. From classic pizza and pasta making through to more advanced gourmet classes for professional chefs, the Borgo Cooking School offers mouth-watering culinary journeys for cooks of all levels.

Embracing Tuscan traditions and classic methods of food production and preparation alongside more contemporary innovative cooking techniques, our farm-to-table cooking classes are designed to be both fun and informative. A purpose-built professional kitchen interior comprises four cooking stations, allowing up to eight guest cooks to take part in the hands-on cooking classes. 

Our team of skilled chefs and local cooks will guide you in the joy of cooking, and whatever your skill level you will leave Borgo with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for experimenting in the kitchen. Learn traditional Tuscan cooking methods from our local mamma, who shares classic family recipes that have been handed down through generations of Tuscan cooks. Our master pizzaiolo teaches the art of making pizza to both adults and children, and explains how to use a traditional wood-fired bread oven. Our philosophy at the Borgo Cooking School is simple: we want to share a love of good food, Tuscan-style. Enjoy the pleasure of nurturing, harvesting and eating locally grown Tuscan food in the most atmospheric and inspiring of Italian settings.

Farm-to-table cooking classes:

  • Pasta

  • Bread Making

  • Pizza Making

  • Garden Gourmet

  • Chocolate Passion

  • Sweet Traditions

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